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There are a multitude of Nonsurgical treatments that are an integral part of the phenomenon of the transition of masculine to feminine facial features. These modalities help to enhance the feminine features so as to compliment the facial feminization surgery. Some of these procedures include:

1. Diode Laser Hair Reduction
Laser hair reduction is a very safe and a totally non-invasive modality that helps reduce unwanted hair. Many of our patients choose to complement the results of their facial gender transition surgeries with laser hair removal.
We use the most advanced triple wavelength Diode laser to help our patients get rid of unwanted hair. This US FDA approved technology uses concentrated beam of lasers to target the melanin pigments in the hair roots thereby damaging them and inhibiting or delaying the future hair growth. Since the Diode lasers target the hair follicles in the anagen phase or the growth phase, it takes about 6-8 sittings, each in gaps of 1 month to see full results.
Our cutting-edge triple wavelength diode laser uses wavelength of 755nm, 808nm, and 1064nm. This enables the lasers to infiltrate deeper into skin without damaging the skin epidermis melanin. Thus it can be used on tanned skin too. Apart from that it can target all kinds of hair including the thick hair and the fine hair. The advanced machine also has a supercooler that chills the skin in contact to the device handpiece to protect the skin from burning.

2. Co2 Laser resurfacing
Co2 laser resurfacing improves the overall appearance and health of the facial skin. Acne scars that are more common in the adolescent has a severe psychological impact on the individuals self-esteem. These scars give an appearance of a more masculine feature. Hence many patients choose to compliment the results of facial feminization surgery with CO2 laser resurfacing. Apart for reduction in acne scar appearance, we perform Co2 laser resurfacing for facial rejuvenation. Resurfacing procedures with Co2 lasers reduce wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, pigmentations and also tighten and smoothen the facial skin. This happens because of the production of newer collagen protein in the dermis and of course newer skin cells in the epidermis. We use the most advanced fractionated Co2 laser that emits light at wavelength of 10,600nm. This is strongly absorbed by the water in the tissues. The advantage of this machine is that it can pulse at less than 1 ms, thereby penetrating and vaporising tissues upto 20 ┬Ám and thus reducing collateral thermal damage. The efficacy generally helps in reducing the number of sittings and potential complications.

3. Botox
Botulinum toxin injections are simple non-surgical procedure that reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles formed due to overactivity of facial muscles, like the crows feet, forehead lines, bunny lines etc. It works by temporarily blocking the conduction of impulses at the neuromuscular junction thereby relaxing and smoothening the wrinkles. Many of our patients choose these procedures to enhance the results of facial feminization surgery.

We use international brands like Botox, Siax, Xeomine etc as per the patients request to improve the overall facial aesthetics.

4. Dermal fillers
Volume loss is a very common issue with ageing. Many of our patients love to enhance or augment the facial feature with dermal fillers along with facial feminization surgery. The static facial folds, wrinkles, or loss of volume in the face can be restored to a more youthful appearance with facial fillers. We use the best dermal fillers like Juvederm and Boletero for our patients to rejuvenate the face and return the lost youthful appearance