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Male jaws are usually taller than female jaws. They also tend to have squarer angles at the back. However, male jaws are not, on average, wider than female jaws relative to the overall width of the face – in fact, the width of the jaw relative to the width of the cheeks (the widest part of the face) is almost exactly the same for both sexes.

Surgical Options:

1. Reducing the height of the jaw:
If the jaw is vertically tall, a section of bone can be cut away from the lower border. Sometimes, only a section towards the back is removed, but in some cases, the reduction runs the full length of the jaw from corner to corner, and including the chin.

2. Rounding the angles:
If you have very square angles, and they show clearly, you can round them off. This is done through an incision inside the mouth, in the lower gums, just above the jaw angles. The angles themselves can then be accessed and cut away with a bone saw.

3. Width at the back of the jaw:
Although male jaws are not proportionately wider than female jaws, some people have their jaws narrowed during FFS, either because they have an excessively wide jaw, or simply because they would personally prefer theirs to be narrower. Technically, that doesn’t count as feminisation, but because men have more volume in the lower face than women due to the taller jaw, narrowing the jaw can give a sense of less volume in the lower face, and that can make the face seem more feminine in some cases.

The technique used to narrow the rear of your jaw would depend on whether the width is due to bone or muscle or both.

If it is muscle then botox is a good and non-invasive way of reducing it. This is much safer, much cheaper and much less painful than trying to reduce the muscle surgically. If the width is due to bone then you would need surgery to reduce it. If the width is due to both muscle and bone, then you might need a combination of both. However, the chewing muscles will reduce on their own if some of the bone is reduced. The Botox effects may become permanent after while so you won’t necessarily need to go back regularly once you’ve had 2 or 3 sessions.

4. Width in the mid-jaw area:
If the width is caused by the lower border of the jaw flaring out, then removing the lower border will reduce the width. However, removing the lower border reduces the height of the jaw too, so if you don’t need or want to reduce the height, then some width can typically be removed from the sides of the jaw by shaving the bone.