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Cosmetic surgical procedures like the facial feminization surgeries are usually very expensive throughout the world. Most of the time, these surgeries aren’t covered under medical insurance and the patient has to pay out of the pocket. In India too, most insurance companies do not cover facial feminization surgeries. Of course, the cost of facial feminization surgery with us depends on the number of procedures that are usually performed, but we try to be as reasonable as possible.

We always put the quality of work at the forefront and not the price factor. After all, it’s a life changing event and we believe the cost of the facial feminization surgery should not hinder in the improvement in quality of life. We believe self-esteem is always an important aspect of life and hence we always try and help our patients in whatever financial way that’s possible.

We understand the financial situations of many patients may not be that comfortable and hence we offer several different financing options. We have tied up with any financial institutions that offer financing options. The loans are usually dispersed within 24 hours of approval of documents.

Financial institutions that support us:
1. Bajaj Finserve
2. Lets MD
Please do get in touch with us and we shall help you to get the financial loans approved at the
earliest without much hassles of course subject to documents approvals.